Overall, this was a surprisingly good week, despite the fact that we fizzled out mid-week when I came down with the flu (isn't it always something?!).

Here's what we managed to accomplish:

A few personal highlights:

I discovered that you can purchase Modeling Beeswax from Etsy and promptly placed an order. Maddie enjoys working with Sculpey while I'm reading (otherwise she'd be quite fidgety!), so I thought she might enjoy trying her hand at beeswax.

We received some especially noteworthy books this week, including The Castle Corona (which is so beautifully illustrated!), The Adventures of Marco Polo, and Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages. Also, a number of books from Crabtree Publishing's The Medieval World series, which I've been wanting for quite some time. Happily, they did not disappoint! I found a free teacher's guide here.

After praying for, ahem, wisdom in handling my personal finances, I was startled to receive an order the following day for *four* copies of Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness. Barnes & Noble accidentally sent the books instead of the Winston Churchill text I'd ordered for Dominic. Ah, the irony!

The absolute highlight of my week was, of course, my Google Books discovery. Since then, I've been searching out [public domain] books that might be useful for our studies this year (so much so that, much to my embarrassment, I was temporarily blocked from Google Books last night!). In doing so, I discovered the delightful Books for Children by Emma Gibbons, a slender volume with helpful book lists for the study of History, Literature, Nature, etc. Many of the titles mentioned will be familiar, but there are some real gems yet to be discovered! After perusing dozens of book lists, I think I've found some really excellent selections.

I haven't had much time (or energy) this past week to pursue my own education. I did, however, manage to finish The Autobiography of Henry VIII and resume The Book of Margery Kempe (which I find disturbing and yet strangely fascinating).


  1. Daisy said...
    You always make my linky happy! I love Google books. And the beewax sounds like a wonderful idea.
    Keri said...
    That's a great week, even if you did fizzle. I love your reading lists - so rich. Ordered some beeswax for my son and bookmarked the google books post.
    Anonymous said...
    Wow - you did a lot to have fizzled mid-week, LOL! I hope you feel better soon! I hope your DD likes the cello. I played the violin for many years - always wanted to try the cello, though. Such a beautiful instrument!
    Mandy in TN said...
    I always love reading about your week. I wish you could homeschool me!

    Also, have you used other LoF books? If so, how is the pre-alg/biology different?
    Karen said...
    Wow - that was a fizzled out week?! Loved your review and hope ypu feel better.
    Kristine said...
    Mandy ~ I'm totally new to LoF, so I really can't say how they compare. It was very much an impulse buy!
    Norah said...
    Wow your week looks like it was busy.
    MissMOE said...
    I can't believe how many books you fit in! your reading list rocks! Thanks for sharing the google book printing link. Can't wait to get some books printed.

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