This morning, while browsing Susan Wise Bauer's blog, I found the perfect reading challenge: A Tournament of Reading. Since I'd already made up my mind to spend much of the year reading about the Middle Ages, this will be a piece of cake. My goal is to reach the "King" level, which means I'll need to read nine books, at least two books in each category (history, medieval literature and historic fiction).

Last summer I put together the following Medieval book list for myself; the Medieval Europe group at LibraryThing always has excellent recommendations as well. Here are the titles that have captured my interest thus far:

*Historic fiction is denoted by italics; titles read in 2009 are in navy.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Pernoud's biography about Joan of Arc is very good and will teach you the basic history of Joan but my favorite book about her is Maid of Heaven The Story of St. Joan of Arc by Ben D. Kennedy. It will bring tears to your eyes.

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