As mentioned in my last post, for the past few days I've been researching Irish saints of the early Middle Ages. (Though I attended a Catholic high school, I don't remember *ever* learning about any of the saints and as someone new to the Faith, I'm intrigued by them all!) One saint whom I've especially enjoyed reading about is St. Brendan, well-known for a 6th century voyage in which he may have discovered North America. This article gives a good summary of the legend: St. Brendan: Sailor, Explorer, and Discoverer.

In 1974, British scholar and adventurer Tim Severin set about to recreate Brendan's voyage across the Atlantic, using a hand-constructed currach (a wooden-frame, animal hide boat), just as Brendan would have. He wrote a book, The Brendan Voyage, about his experience, and much to my delight, there's also a documentary! Parts 1 & 2 can be found below:

The Brendan Voyage, Part 1/5:

The Brendan Voyage, Part 2/5:

I'm not sure what happened to Parts 3-5, but they're not available on YouTube. Fortunately, the documentary can be purchased directly from Mr. Severin (who can be contacted via his website). I've ordered a copy and look forward to watching it; I think the boys, in particular, will enjoy it as well!

Another option, though a bit different is the YouTube series In the Footsteps of St. Brendan the Navigator (See Also: Climbing Ben Nevis, The Faroes Island & Iceland Expedition).


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