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I recently found these modern art cake decorating ideas in a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook and thought they were too much fun not to share! Click on the images to enlarge.

Braque and Mondrian Cakes:

Braque and Mondrian Cake Instructions
Picasso Cake:

Picasso Cake Instructions

Today officially marks the last day of the school year for us. I haven't posted since January because I've been in school myself and entirely too busy, but I plan to resume posting throughout the summer as time allows.

M had a very successful year and got through most of the planned curriculum without a hitch. She maintained straight A's, which is usual for her.

J, as I last wrote, went through a prolonged phase of refusing to do "official" school work. He has, however, learned a great deal on his own.

E, in public school, was finally diagnosed with the learning disabilities that I've suspected for years and is now, thankfully, getting some assistance.

D ended up at a virtual academy for the second semester of 9th grade and failed every class (for refusing to do the work).

Looking ahead, it appears I'll have three students at home next year: M, J, and D. I am already hard at work on our plans and will be sharing them in the weeks and months ahead.