This afternoon I found another reading challenge that somehow seems irresistible, though I'm not exactly sure why since I usually dislike reading anything too science-related. It is the International Year of Biodiversity Reading Challenge, discovered via A Striped Armchair and hosted by Classical Bookworm.

Here's a breakdown of the challenge(s):

  • Basic: 3 books on any biodiversity topic.
  • Biomes: 3 books about major world ecosystems: open ocean; coral reefs; lakes and rivers; arctic tundra; boreal forests; temperate forests; tropical forests; savannah; grassland/steppe/ deserts.
  • Branches: 3 books on different life forms: plants; fungi; invertebrates (including insects); reptiles and amphibians; birds; mammals.
  • Bye-bye: 2 books about endangered or extinct species or about extinction or conservation.
  • Back yard: Buy 2 or more field guides to your local flora & fauna and get to know your neighbours.
  • Biodiversity Bonanza: One of each of the above!
I'm aiming for the "Basic" challenge, but plan to read a few extra books. After hours of agonizing over my choices on Amazon, here's the list I came up with:

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  1. Sylvia said...
    Hi Kristine! Great list. i want to read "One River" too, and I'm interested by "The Hidden Forest." I hope you enjoy the challenge!

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