I seriously need to step *away* from the computer tonight because I keep finding ways to spend money, yikes! My newest discovery was this gorgeous Enid Blyton Nature Lover's Book. A peek inside the book can be found at The Blueberry Patch.

While I'm not personally familiar with Enid Blyton's work, I've heard so much about her, both good and bad. Naturally, out of sheer curiosity, I then also had to order a "Best of Blyton" boxed set (at a great price!). Since we're studying British children's literature this year, I think I can kind of justify this.


  1. Faith said...
    Hi Kristine, Did you know that you are my new favorite blog??? I think I love you and I wish we lived next door to each other so we could have tea and talk about important things like beautiful old children's books and Hildegard of Bingen. Anyway, Thank you for this post and also for the Miroslav Sasek stuff. I am old enough (almost 50!) that I remember reading his books in the library. They were absolutely captivating. Enid Blyton has long been on my list of to reads. I also have heard so much about her. Anyway, thanks for your lovely blog. I feel like telling all my friend about it. It is such a lovely resource.
    Kristine said...
    Thank you so much Faith, I'm flattered! :-)

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