This week we were back to school "as usual" and had what seemed like a very productive week. In History we learned about Moses, the Israelites in slavery, and the Exodus. We began reading Tirzah by Lucille Travis, about a 12-year-old Hebrew girl whose family flees captivity with Moses. We read more about the Egyptians in the Usborne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World, watched Episode 1 of Empires: Kingdom of David: The Israelites, The Ten Commandments and wrote about the Israelites in captivity.

In Math, we completed a lesson per day and divided our week between Rod & Staff for Grammar and CLE for Reading. Memorywork and copywork this week was the poem Spring Song by L.M. Montgomery. Maddie memorized the first four stanzas, while the boys worked on the first two. We started Sequential Spelling, finished our first IEW Ancient History writing lesson and completed another lesson from Excavating English.

For Science, we read the first chapter of The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way; we also completed another lesson in Philosophy for Kids.

Friday, today, was a light day since it was my birthday and because it looked like this outside:

No, that's not snow - it's sleet and we have a lot of it! They'd been predicting a massive blizzard today, which is crazy since we were having perfect Spring weather only a few days ago. Then again, this is Kansas! Naturally I'd already packed away our winter clothes last weekend, feeling certain we were done with the cold weather. We've still got snow coming tonight, though hopefully not too, too much.

Elon, always the resourceful one, put some cups outside to gather clean ice, then transformed it into "snow cones" for everyone (using some Torani cherry syrup). I warned them that they probably shouldn't eat it, but naturally he did anyway:

The kids spent the remainder of the afternoon getting sugared up on my birthday cupcakes:

LOL, they were selected by my husband because A) my favorite color is red and B) he thought the "3" and "2" cupcakes could be set aside for me since I turned 32 (unfortunately he failed to inform me of his clever plan and those were the first two cupcakes the kids ate!).

While the kids had their fun, I spent a leisurely afternoon browsing the new Sonlight catalog and using up my birthday Amazon gift cards (yay for those!). Next week promises to be crazy busy as we'll begin using the EarthSchooling Waldorf Enrichment curriculum I ordered (belatedly celebrating Nowruz, for starters) and preparing for our little road trip, while somehow continuing our regular lessons. Yikes!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Looks like a fun week! The Elmo cupcakes are too cute!
    Paige said...
    I love the birthday cake! Hope you guys weathered the storm well.
    Ami said...
    Happy Birthday!

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