Fun With Geology

Can I just say how much I love TeacherVision? I signed up for a free trial last night and am finding SO much to use there, I'll definitely be keeping the membership! Among other things, it enabled me to finally start our unit on rocks and minerals today.

We began the unit by learning about the rock cycle and Igneous rocks. We read from "Geology Rocks" and "Rocks & Minerals: Super Science Activities," completing a rock cycle worksheet from the latter, before assembling a mini book on Igneous rocks from "The Amazing Earth Model Book." We also examined some actual igneous rocks from our "Hands On Exploration" Tub.

Next we made a batch of edible igneous rocks:

Then, an experiment from "Geology Rocks..." To learn about whether igneous rocks formed in different ways will have the same appearance, we made "Sugar on a Sheet" and "Sugar on a Stick."

Finally, the kids were inspired to check out this "Rock Hunter" kit:


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