This week's "Weekly Report" isn't really much of a report because it's been a mostly uneventful week, so, there's not much of interest to write about. We've continued our study of Ireland, but I'm no longer sure that we'll be able to stretch it for the entire month since we're lacking resources. All of the books and movies I ordered from Amazon at the beginning of the month have yet to be shipped, which means they very likely won't arrive in time to do much with them (so frustrating!). While I've been trying to work with the meager materials we do have, the result has been rather light school days (excluding Math, Language Arts & Science, which remain the same) and I've noticed that light school days lead to disorder very quickly. Nevertheless, I've had a super stressful week personally, so was somewhat relieved with the more relaxed schedule. I guess we'll see how it goes next week. The Crafty Crow has posted a wonderful list of St. Patrick's Day crafts and treats which might liven things up a bit, and I've started thinking ahead to Easter by ordering our Pysanky supplies (thanks to this post on TWTM Forums).

Aside from school, we've added two lovely parakeets to our menagerie:


Sora (which means "sky" in Japanese)

They're being kept separately because the kids hope to train them. Ace is Jaymon's bird and Sora is Maddie's.

And, despite the sudden freezing weather outdoors, my seeds have been flourishing:

Sadly, that's really about it for now!


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