Well okay, this doesn't qualify as treasure exactly, but given the excitement of the kids when our package arrived this morning, you'd have thought it was! Today we received an order from King Tut Shop - two Egyptian papyrus paintings for Jaymon (who loves all things Egypt and is especially intrigued by the Eye of Horus) and an Ancient Egyptian Writing Kit, plus a stack of blank papyrus sheets and extra writing reeds. The paintings are really quite vivid and wonderful in person, something not well-conveyed by the camera. I wish now that I'd also ordered the Papyrus Making Kit because the papyrus sheets prompted all sorts of questions about how the paper is made. Oh well, now of course we'll have to wait to use the kit since we're studying Ireland briefly, but at least we'll have something to look forward to!

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  1. Wee Pip said...
    Very cool! I was passionate about Ancient Egypt in my teen years, and collected all sorts of fun museum-y stuff. I had an eye of horus hanging up in my bedroom:) Nowadays I have all that stuff tucked away for when it comes up in history lessons. Thanks for stopping by my wordless wednesday blog post earlier today!

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