Silkworm Update

Honestly I'm not sure what is going on with our silkworms these days. Yesterday I transferred them into a much larger box, hoping to end the rampant cannibalism that has been taking place. However, this morning we awoke to find fresh corpses, which is quite distressing (they're getting plenty of food, which makes it even more perplexing). Oddly enough, we also currently have several silkworms that are itty-bitty (about 1/4" long), while others are virtual giants - easily 3" long and as fat as 3 or 4 smaller silkworms put together. Then we have one short 'n chunky little worm that has already started spinning a cocoon, while the larger worms seem to have no interest in cocooning.

This little zebra-striped guy is our favorite (and the only one of our worms that is striped):

Cocooning action:

As silkworms spin their cocoon, they move their head in a figure-eight pattern:

Only 30 minutes later and a lot of progress has been made:

This silkworm seems to be thinking about starting a cocoon:

And these guys are molting:


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