Every week I receive free samples of coloring pages and more from the Dover Sampler. Until this evening, it had foolishly never occurred to me to save these pages for future use, even though the samples are only online for a brief time. The samples are not only useful for coloring, but also for notebooking pages, collage and other art projects, so from now on, I've decided to start saving the samples for future reference and use. I added all currently available samples to my Flickr account and while at Flickr, noticed that another enterprising person had done the same thing - though she started well before I! For ease of use, I've categorized all of the coloring pages here (both hers and mine); for her entire set (which includes tons of free clip art samples), see: Collage-Able. Note: To download a full-size image: Above each image you'll see an option "+ All Sizes." Click on that to download the original page-size image.

*I will be updating this page weekly as new samples are posted.*

Ethnic Designs

Drawing Instruction*
These are not coloring pages, but rather, drawing instruction pages. Instead of organizing them by book, I've chosen to organize them by subject matter for ease of use.
Wild Animals
Sea Life
Domestic Animals
Birds & Butterflies
Lastly...here's something that's not Dover but also great fun, samples from The Anti-Coloring Book: Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4 | Sample 5. We also love the Rosie Flo coloring books by Roz Streeten!

From Rosie Flo's Music Colouring Book


  1. Lori C., Texas said...
    Awesome!! We love Dover colorbooks!:) Thanks!

    Dawn said...
    These are great. How very generous of you to offer these here. Thank you very much!
    H.Williams said...
    I have been a huge Dover fan for years! So nice to see that other ADULTS like to color too!
    Very generous of you to organize all of this stuff. I am currently on the hunt for Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Books. Been lucky enough to find about 6/7 full copies of different ones, which I downloaded and printed out at my school. Saves me alot of money. Anyway, thanks again, and I will also be using your references to find more.
    Thank You!!
    Heather Williams
    Anonymous said...
    Thank you SO much!

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