Bible: This week we read about Abraham and God's chosen people. Monday evening we had an Old Testament-style meal of lentil soup and faux locust biscuits from Old Testament Days.

English: We made it through a solid week of Rod & Staff English, so I can't really complain. However, the kids are having a terrible time remembering all the parts of speech, so I think we may try supplementing with The Sentence Family. It's been tempting me for quite awhile!

Handwriting: I'm ashamed to admit it, but we didn't get any handwriting done this past week. Furthermore, I'm not even sure I'm going to continue with the program we'd started. Because I need to do a lot of re-training, Handwriting Without Tears is starting to look like an easier option, maybe.

Reading: We started on The Golden Goblet this week and managed to get through twelve chapters (not an easy feat since the chapters are quite long!). It bores my daughter nearly to tears, but the boys and I are really loving it. We also read from our book basket selections for the first week of February.

Math: The kids have been working through a Singapore Math lesson and workbook assignment each day, independently so far.

Science: For science we read Amber: The Natural Time Capsule as well as some information on the history of amber in the ancient world and some fun facts about amber. We examined several amber specimins with a microscope and did some tests to indentify whether or not they were true amber.

History: This week we studied the Sumerians. Because not all of my Winter Promise books have arrived, I supplemented heavily with K12 Human Odyssey. I'm not sure if the few missing books would have made much of a difference, but the amount of material about the Sumerians in both MOH1 & SOTW1 seemed laughable at best, so supplementing was definitely in order!

For fun we made our own cylinder seals and began work on our history notebooks (though I can't say the kids enjoyed that!). Today they had a creative writing assignment about Sargon of Akkad and started on their first assigned reading project. Dominic will be writing a book report on Gilgamesh the Hero, while the others report on The City of Rainbows: A Tale From Ancient Sumer.

Jaymon's Eye of Horus necklace (he made this just for fun):


  1. Melissa said...
    What a great report! YOu are doing lots of different things and seeming to enjoy it. :) I read your newer posts and I have to say that we are trying Aesop soon too after much deliberation.

    I am enjoying looking around your blog--lots to see...books, resources, marbles... :)
    Kristine said...
    Thanks Melissa!

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