The Great Dig

One day last summer, the boys announced that they were bored (as usual), so my husband jokingly told them to go dig a hole. Naturally, they headed out to our back field and did exactly that. Six months later, they're still digging...

Note the walls, reinforced with sheet metal (they also lay metal over the top when not digging, to protect the "mine" from rain and snow):

Dominic showing me the start of the tunnel:

A neighbor boy digging a second hole (they hope to connect this to the original tunnel). This has turned into a project for all the neighborhood kids and their friends...

An overview of the project - it's much larger and deeper than it looks and they're very proud of it. All I can think about is how expensive it will be to eventually fill!

Meanwhile, Maddie busied herself by collecting worms for "when we have chickens again..." (Note the worms in one hand and candy in the other, LOL.) She really wanted to bring them in the house, but I persuaded her to leave them outside since they were still hibernating.

And Elon, who started the whole project, came down with the flu again today and missed out on all the digging fun.

He's been alternately vomiting and sleeping all day, poor guy...Mocha's been watching over him though:

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  1. Jonnia said...
    I think it's wonderful that you're letting them DIG! My little sister and I spent months working on the same type of thing, but ours never looked so far along! Hope your Elon gets better soon.

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