Today's weekly report comes a day early since tomorrow will be a busy day. One of the things the kids miss most about public school is class parties, so tomorrow we'll be having our own Valentine's Day party (more on that soon!). This week was an unusual one since we switched curriculum half-way through and took a much needed mini-break. Monday we had a Bible lesson, then read all of the remaining chapters from The Golden Goblet (it was too good to put down!).

Tuesday and Wednesday were "unschooling days" while I recuperated from the stress of everything and waited for our Sonlight order to arrive. The boys did quite a few science experiments during this time, examined bugs with their jeweler's loupes and watched a lot of programs on The History Channel, Discovery and The Science Channel. They also taught me a few things (for example, that Earth is not "round," but most closely resembles an oblate spheroid...) My daughter worked on her drawing skills and read "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton.

Wednesday afternoon our box from Sonlight arrived, and I have to say, I think it was even better than Christmas -- getting such a big box, packed to the brim with books! Once unpacked, it was quickly transformed into a castle for our kitten (she fits through the door perfectly).

Today, Thursday, we started on Sonlight, picking up where we'd left off in SOTW and starting another Eloise Jarvis McGraw book Mara, Daughter of the Nile. I'm doing this as a read aloud, since we've already read The Golden Goblet (the scheduled read aloud). We also began reading a biography, Hateshepsut: The Princess Who Became King by Ellen Galford and The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth Payne. We got caught up on our timeline figures and did some mapwork. In English, we worked on diagramming sentences, and the kids did several math lessons to make up for the missed days. The twins even worked well ahead of the schedule in math (they find it an easy way to keep busy while I read).

Kailei and Kansas, wandered by to say hello (they love having their picture taken), and of course, beg for paper...

Overall, it was a great week, even though we didn't get much "official" school work done. The two day break gave me some time re-energize and plan, which put me in a much better frame of mind today. Now if the rest of our new curriculum would only arrive soon, we'll be all set!


  1. Litten Lamm Academy said...
    How fun! Isn't it fun to get a box full of books in the mail?

    Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day party!

    Robin of My Two Blessings said...
    Happy Valentine's Day. Have fun reading all the new sonlight books.

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