One of the treats I'd planned for our Valentine's Day Party were these Playdough Cookies. Little did I know how much work they were! We mixed the dough (pink, red and purple) on Friday morning:

We chilled the dough and then attempted to roll out the "snakes" Friday evening. However, we quickly realized that we were supposed to have chilled the dough in smaller 3/4" balls...oops. We rolled new balls to stick in the fridge (excuse the darkness, my flash wasn't working):

By Saturday morning the balls were well chilled and ready to be rolled into snakes. We quickly learned to remove only one ball per color at a time. The dough gets soft VERY quickly and then the snakes break apart (resulting in a lot of frustration!).

Because I'd foolishly made a double batch of dough, we spent nearly four hours rolling out snakes (not fun!). Each snake was rolled into a coil and dipped in sanding sugar:

This was the end result:

Delicious cookies but SO much work. I'd foolishly forgotten about my carpal tunnel when we started on these and today my hands are both swollen, stiff and sore. The kids loved the cookies, but we've all agreed, never again!


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