As previously mentioned, the kids requested a Valentine's Day party this week, so we will be having one tomorrow. Admittedly I procrastinated quite a bit when it came to planning the party, but even still, I think everything has come together nicely. We'll begin the day by reading about Saint Valentine and learning about the history of Valentine's Day; we'll also read Cupid and Psyche by Charlotte Craft.

After reading, we'll be doing a few Valentine's Day crafts...the kids are most excited about this one, from Martha Stewart:

They've been wanting to make crayons for awhile, so this seemed like a good excuse (another set of instructions can be found here). We bought a great scalloped heart-shaped muffin pan especially for the project. :-)

Here are some other cute ideas, many found via The Crafty Crow (it's a bit too "last minute" for some of these projects, but I'll definitely be saving them for next year!):
Valentine's Treats

And what would a Valentine's party be without treats?! I'll be making these little Conversation Heart Cakes from Martha Stewart, as well as some cookies (there's been a demand for cupcakes, too).

Some other ideas include:
Printable Valentines

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