As previously mentioned, today we ordered silkworms for our study of Ancient China. From Carolina Biological Supply, we will receive 25 silkworm eggs, a silkworm farm kit and silkworm artificial dry diet. I didn't realize that we would have access to fresh mulberry leaves, but that won't be until spring, so I guess the food was a good idea!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit what I did next...after some additional searching online, I discovered Coastal Silkworms, an inexpensive source for live silkworms and other supplies (and according to the reviews, they're of excellent quality). So yes, I ordered from them as well (and am feeling rather ill about the money spent). Now we'll have live silkworms and eggs coming next week...quite a lot of silkworms in all!

For anyone interested, the following sites have some good information on raising silkworms:

Finally, I also ordered a picture book about how silk was discovered, The Empress and the Silkworm by Lily Toy Hong and the highly informative Silkworms by Sylvia A. Johnson. Enchanted Learning has a Silkworm Moth Printout, showing all the parts of a silkworm that might be useful as well and here is a coloring sheet showing the silkworm life cycle and diet.


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