February sunbeams
Brighter grow each day
Telling that the winter
Soon will pass away.

All in all, this week was merely okay. The twins were home nearly all week due to snow/illness/conferences, which affected our focus a bit, we'll need to work harder next week.

Dominic's Sun

Maddie's Sun

Dominic and I did not start Ethics, Economics or Logic this week as I'd hoped, nor did I read aloud from The Hobbit and Pyle's King Arthur and His Knights. Very disappointing, so hopefully next week we'll be back on track!

Personal Highlights:


  1. Robyn said...
    You did a great job on your daughter's hair! I love the suns! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished, even if it wasn't everything you wanted to!
    Daisy said...
    What a wonderful week! You make me so excited to start the RTR time period.
    Our Westmoreland School said...
    With all the reading you guys are doing, I would not worry about vocabulary. It sounds like a great week, thanks for sharing ;)
    WildIris said...
    So very red! I love reading about your week and your personal time. We all do something other than home school our kids. Thanks for sharing

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