Despite the fact that I'm currently reading a whopping five books at present, I recently felt the need to find some good new fiction, since all of my current reads are non-fiction. First, I browsed the catalogs at both Persephone Books and Virago Press for inspiration (this Virago Collection Tracker spreadsheet from LibraryThing members was also enormously helpful). Then, because I primarily wanted eBooks for my Kindle and Nook, I searched the Web to find out which books were also available in the public domain.

Unfortunately, I also ended up ordering a stack of books from both Amazon (At Mrs. Lippincote's, Consequences, Gone to Earth, The EdwardiansMariana, and Nella Last's three WWII diaries) and Amazon UK (Miss Buncle's Book, Few Eggs and No Oranges, The Carlyles at HomeLady Rose and Mrs. Memmary)! My husband will not be pleased.

Any of the Google Books/ePub files below can be converted to Kindle-compatible .Mobi files using the quick, easy and free eBook management software from Calibre.

Persephone Books
Virago Modern Classics
*To borrow only, from Open Library


  1. Faith said...
    This is a wonderful list! Thanks for sharing it!
    Anonymous said...
    This is brilliant, thank you so much! Just think of all the money and shelf space you've saved us -- not to mention those telltale Amazon boxes that I, at least, try to hide from my husband...
    mel u said...
    thanks so much for this list and your hard work in preparing it
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, thank you so much! This page is getting bookmarked. :)
    M (@notarevolution) said...
    Fantastic list! Just what I need. :)

    By the way, Burnett's The Shuttle is also available at There are several on that website that I think would be of interest to Persephone/Virago aficionados.

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