As I've been browsing for fun new books, just because, I came across a few titles about Emily Dickinson that captured my immediate attention.

The first of these is entitled A Voice of Her Own: Becoming Emily Dickinson by Barbara Dana, a well-researched YA novel written in the voice of Emily Dickinson from the ages of 9 to 24. It has already garnered some excellent reviews and looks delightfully promising! A generous preview of the book can be found here, at HarperTeen.

The next selection is a children's book containing seven poems by Emily Dickinson. Entitled, My Letter to the World and Other Poems, it's real charm lays in the beauty of Isabelle Arsenault's stunning illustrations. The book may be previewed here.

Lastly, no study of Emily Dickinson would be complete without the following, which are especially (but not exclusively!) for younger children: My Uncle Emily by Jan Yolen and Emily Carpenter and Emily by Michael Bedard and Barbara Cooney.

Whether included in a formal study of the poet, read in celebration of her birthday (on December 10th!), or just because, any of these titles are sure to be loved.


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