Well here it is July, when I'd hoped to start our new school year, and we're not quite ready yet. It's been another rough month, but after some delays I finally had surgery a couple of weeks ago and following a rather nightmarish "adjustment" period, I seem to be on the road to recovery - hopefully my shunt won't pose any further problems (fingers seriously crossed!)!

Fortunately, despite everything, I've been steadily piecing together a plan for next year and doing a lot of reading. Since I'm passionate about the Middle Ages, I've been avidly researching all sorts of things and the results have been exhilarating - as far as history goes, it's going to be a wonderful year (or at least I hope so!)! I've decided to break from the traditional four-year cycle just a bit by devoting an entire year to the Middle Ages (AD 500-1400), There's simply too much to cover otherwise - especially when you consider that we've still got to get through Ancient Rome!

For everything else, here's my list in progress:

Language Arts

  • English: Rod & Staff Building Christian English, continued from last year.
  • Reading: Undecided. We have CLE Light Units from last year to finish, but I'm thinking that we may switch to the Faith & Freedom Readers from Seton, and/or their Reading Comprehension and Thinking Skills workbooks. I'm still working on our literature selections for the year.
  • Penmanship: At a recent homeschool convention, my daughter selected Rod & Staff's Penmanship for Christian Writing for herself, however I've yet to find anything for the boys. I'm thinking they will most likely use CHC's Handwriting Level 4 and a little of Writing Can Help 5B: Scripture Handwriting. The latter includes instructions for a simple Versal script and designs like those used by monks to adorn scripture, which will be perfect as we study illuminated manuscripts.
  • Vocabulary: English From the Roots Up - This was an impulse convention purchase, but I haven't yet decided if we'll actually use it.
  • Spelling: Finally I've found a simple spelling/dictation program that I think I'll love: Spelling Wisdom.

For Math, we'll finish up our Singapore books from last year, then progress to the next level(s).



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