Michaelmas is September 29th!

Neither Rhyme nor Reason has a terrific wooden sword tutorial and Our Little Nature Nest has this simple Golden Silk Cape Tutorial.

Dragon Bread - a recipe and a verse - also from Our Little Nature Nest.

Coloring Pages: St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel

From Catholic Culture:

"Make some recipes related to Michaelmas. Of special mention is the St. Michael Bannock from Scotland, roast goose and stuffing from Britain, waffles from France, and roast duck from Germany or France, gnocchi from Italy. Blackberries, apples and carrots also play a large role on this feast in various countries. Other ideas: make an angel food cake, devil's food cake or angel hair pasta. Decorate with white, symbolizing the angels, or use other symbolic colors (see above). Non-dessert items: deviled eggs, deviled meats, etc."

"Try to find the Michaelmas daisy, a purple aster, to use for decoration. It also comes in other colors, including white, but purple is the most popular. It usually blooms in late summer until October. The official name is Aster novi-belgii, but is also known as New York aster."

"The Michaelmas Daisies, among dede weeds, Bloom for St. Michael's valorous deeds. And seems the last of flowers that stood, Till the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude."
- Traditional verse

"Folklore in the British Isles suggests that Michaelmas day is the last day that blackberries can be picked. It is said that when St. Michael expelled Lucifer, the devil, from heaven, he fell from the skies and landed in a prickly blackberry bush. Satan cursed the fruit, scorched them with his fiery breath, and stamped and spat on them, so that they would be unfit for eating. A Traditional Irish proverb says: On Michaelmas Day the devil puts his foot on the blackberries. If you have access to blackberries, make this the last picking and eating. Perhaps make a blackberry pie?"
Additional Ideas:

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