In the Garden...

In between work and school planning for next year, my days have been consumed by our little garden. While the seeds we started this year were hugely successful, when I got sick they were left to their own devices and many were eaten up by bugs or stunted. We were left with only a handful of unidentifiable stalks and some runty pepper and tomato plants. Fortunately many of them recovered quite nicely, so all was not a complete loss. For the remainder of our garden, we made do with store bought plants.

For the main garden, we have a divided plot of roughly 300 square feet, as shown below. We also have several "experimental" patches (50 square feet apiece), because most of the plants in those were affected by bugs and thus unidentifiable when planted. Happily, all have thrived. While the end result is hardly very organized, we've all enjoyed working in the garden and watching it grow!

Digging the garden, 05/15/2009

A month later, 06/15/2009



Heirloom tomatoes


More tomatoes, basil & squash



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