It's been a rather quiet week since everyone seems to have picked up a nasty cold, in addition to the stomach bug/flu we've had. We've all been seriously dragging, so there hasn't been much to share (nor have we accomplished a great deal). The highlight of my week was the arrival of our Winter Promise history curriculum. It showed up on Thursday - only two days after I'd called them to check the status of my order! I can't wait to begin using it next week -- provided that I find the energy to plan it all out this weekend.

This afternoon I went out to find a good volcano kit, so that we could also start on science next week (which, again, is going to take a lot of planning since I have no formal curriculum in place). I ended up purchasing a Thames & Kosmos/National Geographic Earthquakes & Volcanoes kit, which looks quite promising and contains many different experiments. Much to my delight, I also found a new board game that will tie into our studies perfectly - Tigris & Euphrates by Mayfair Games. Typically I never buy a game until I've checked the rating and read the reviews on Board Game Geek, so I was relieved to find that it all looked very positive (and it's a truly beautiful game). Sadly, we're all much too wiped out to play tonight, but I guess I should be doing some work - or sleeping - anyway!


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