Our First Week

This past week I made an attempt to begin homeschooling the kids. Needless to say, because I was not done with my planning (and still recovering from a recent surgery), it wasn't quite the start I'd hoped for. However, they were so bored we had to do something, so we jumped right into our lessons -- for better or worse.

While I'm already sensing that there will be some changes to my initial curriculum choices, here's what we're currently using:


Christian Studies I
Little Pilgrims Progress


Rod & Staff English


Matin Latin I


Singapore Math


We'll be studying ancient civilizations this year, so to preface this we began with a unit on archaeology. Our spine is Archaeology: Digging Deeper to Learn About the Past by Judith Cochran.



For our first read aloud, The Wheel on the School by Meindert Dejong.

I had the grandest plans for our history curriculum this year, thinking that I would write it myself. Though I'd started my planning early in December, I am nowhere near done. Furthermore, at the rate I'm going, I'll never be done. I have a tendency to overwhelm myself with resources and then get quite 'stuck' when trying to organize them all. Finally this afternoon, I made the decision to order from Winter Promise.

For science, I chose geology as our focus and the boys also requested physics. I purchased a few books and lots of rocks and minerals, but got no further.

I definitely need to spend some time planning this weekend, but overall I suppose it coud have been much worse. The highlights of our week were an ancient Roman coin cleaning kit from Dirty Old Coins and a lesson on deciphering ancient writing (which led to the Egyptian cartouche project shown below).


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