This morning we went on an edible archaeological excavation after learning about where artifacts are found, how they become buried, and how archaeologists excavate and document their discoveries. It was an especially good lesson since some of us will be participating in the Kansas Archaeology Training Program Field School this summer.

Our dig site was composed of three cake layers: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, representing a stratified site, and many Playmobil "artifacts." This was the site before we began:

The extra cake batter was used for cupcakes, to snack on after the dig:

After removing the trees, we created a grid with four sections, so that each archaeologist could record their findings. (I should've taped the string down!)

Then, the digging began:

After excavating the artifacts from a layer and recording their locations, each artifact had to be carefully cleaned.

Some of the objects from layer one included:

Layer two included many gold artifacts, part of a palace wall, and an especially well-preserved king who had been buried with a gold crown and cloak:

Artifacts from each layer were carefully described and sketched, along with an explanation of the stratum:

Layer three appears to have been a battleground. Many weapons and a partial skeleton were unearthed:

Needless to say, the project was very messy, but a lot of fun!


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