1. Melissa said...
    Hi! I found your blog on the WTM forums. I'm considering both Rainbow Science and CPO Science for two of my kids next year (they will be in 5th and 6th grade at that point). I see that you have used both so I'm curious what your thoughts are. Why did you leave CPO and pick up Rainbow instead? Do you think it would be possible to use primarily Rainbow and then supplement with CPO for my more science-oriented child? I'd love any thoughts or words of wisdom! Thanks!

    Melissa :)
    Kristine said...
    Melissa - CPO might be a bit much for a 5th & 6th grader unless they're REALLY into science. My son in 7th enjoyed CPO, but he's very science-minded. My daughter who was in 6th at the time does not like science & CPO had her in tears on many occasions. I don't have a strong background in science either & often felt ill-prepared to teach it. Rainbow Science was just a better fit for us (with some supplementation). CPO is a bit heavy to use as a supplement I think - if you search the WTM boards you'll come up with some much better options.
    Melissa said...
    Thanks for your quick reply. It makes me feel more confident in my decision to use Rainbow. My daughter would probably be overwhelmed by CPO. My son is very advanced and loves science so I'm hoping to find something that he can read "for fun" I'm addition to Rainbow.

    Thanks again!

    Melissa :)

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