Ch. 26: The Great West and the Agricultural Revolution
Watch "America: The Story of US" Episode 6: Heartland (Teacher's Guide)

The Clash of Cultures on the Plains (p. 590)
The End of the Trail (p. 596)
Beef Bonanzas and the Long Drive (p. 601)
The Farmers Frontier (p. 602)
If time permits, have students read the essay "Broken Heartland: The Looming Collapse of Agriculture on the Great Plains" by Wil S. Hylton, from the July 2012 issue of Harper's magazine, and/or "The Great Plains: From Dust to Dust" by Frank and Deborah Popper - great fodder for discussion!
Prelude to Populism (p. 613)
  • Read "Wall Street Owns the Country" - a speech by Mary E. Lease. (1890)
  • Listen to "The Farmer is the Man" by Pete Seeger (1890-6). "The most famous and most lasting of the songs inspired by the Populist movement is 'The Farmer is the Man.' Its lyrics sum up, far better than any of the Populist tracts or pamphlets, the plight of the farmers of the 1890s." (Source)
Coxey's Army and the Pullman Strike (p. 614)


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