It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a month since my last garden post. And what a month it's been! After spending nearly every waking moment last month pulling weeds (and finally losing the use of my hands, temporarily, to carpal tunnel), I realized that I seriously overdid it this year and planted WAY more than I can handle - even with help from the kids.

I could spend the rest of the summer doing nothing but weeding (which isn't possible), and I'd still be nowhere near done. Plus there's the hours spent watering each day and...oh my. I already had a full-time job, in addition to homeschooling, did I really need to create so much more work for myself? I think not! Several times I've been tempted to mow everything down and call it quits, but that would be such a terrible waste, I can't quite bring myself to do it. Nevertheless, I have no idea how I'll continue to manage it all!

Here are some random photos from the past few weeks:

A portion of the "Bird Feeder" garden

'Dropmore Scarlet' Honeysuckle

'Hot Papaya' Echinacea

'Ruby Star' Echinacea

'Piccolo Pete' Shrub Rose

'Ebb Tide' Floribunda Rose

'Intrigue' Floribunda Rose

'Oklahoma' Hybrid Tea Rose

'Tradescant' David Austin [English] Rose


Hands-down, our favorite drink this summer is Borage Lemonade. Mix 3-4 medium leaves in a blender with lemonade -- the resulting beverage has an almost watermelon-like flavor and is SO good!

Catmint, Oregano and Echinacea

These days, I'm increasingly grateful for the wild overgrown patches I've got, such as the area above. It's a mess of plants, but there are very few weeds and lots of blooms, so I'm happy!

Fruits and Vegetables

First tomato of the summer!

A sea of carrots

Cucumber plants

Not-so-successful corn + baby pumpkin plants

Concord grapes

Charentais melon plants

I sowed some Charentais melon seeds in amongst my roses to fill in gaps and keep the weeds down temporarily. Somehow, I never imagined that they would grow so huge and take over everything! Hopefully later this summer I'll be able to make some Charentais Melon Sorbet (or here) - yum!


Honeyvine / Sand Vine Milkweed (Cynanchum laeve)

We've had a profusion of wild Morning Glory vines popping up everywhere. Fortunately they're mainly in the [far] back field, so aren't disturbing my garden. I can't wait until they bloom!




Within days of purchasing our lambs, Caelan became quite ill and died, despite our vet's best efforts to save him. To ease Colby's lonliness, we added Eliza (a Boer/Nubian goat) to our little herd and they're now the best of friends.


Bird's nest (full of beautiful blue speckled eggs!)

Protective mama bird

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  1. Faith said...
    Weeds are the spawn of the devil!!! I love all your pictures. Everything looks so lovely. That's about the most beautiful tomato I've ever seen! I love the way you go at things with such gusto!

    Sorry about the carpal tunnel though. Ouch!

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