On Monday we picked up our two newest pets ~ miniature twin wether lambs Caelan and Colby. Born on March 12th, they're a Mini Cheviot/Babydoll Southdown cross, so will remain much smaller than traditional breeds. They're rather shy, but oh-so-adorable!

South Down sheep originated in the South Down hills of Sussex County, England and are typically raised for their wool. Miniature Cheviots hail from the Cheviot Hills country that form the border between England and Scotland; they'e an extremely hardy breed, also raised for wool.


  1. TerriG said...
    Another ww I can't let my kids see. Can we get one too???
    Tully Family said...
    Ah... I miss having sheep (I grew up raising them).
    Moonbeam said...
    Lambs are some of the cutest creatures. Enjoy them!

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