Last weekend we became the owners of an adorable German Shorthaired Pointer puppy named August (or "Gus"). He stole our hearts immediately with his sweet laid-back demeanor and charm.

Unfortunately, less than 24-hours after getting him, he became very sick. I rushed him to the emergency veterinary clinic on Sunday where he was diagnosed with Parvo (as it turns out, one of his litter mates died of Parvo last week). He has remained at the animal hospital, on IV fluids and medication, ever since. We are hoping for a full and speedy recovery!

Heavenly Father,
Please help us in our time of need,
You have made us stewards of [Gus].
If it is Your will, please restore him
to health and strength.
I pray too for other animals in need.
May they be treated with the care and respect
deserving of all Your creation.
Blessed are You Lord God,
and holy is Your name for ever and ever.

(Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation)

UPDATE: On August 22, 2009, we received a phone call from our vet saying that Gus had passed away.


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