Previously I'd written about a number of fairy houses that Maddie and I had been admiring online, in particular, those of Etsy artist Centaur1201. Since Maddie has a birthday this Friday, only a week after mine, last weekend we decided to take the plunge and commission a very special fairy house that we would both enjoy.

I cannot even begin to express how amazing it has been to work with Rachel...she is simply wonderful and so attentive to every detail! After carefully looking through all of the fairy homes she's previously made, our request was this: A 3 level home with 3-4 rooms and stained glass, a garden, a telescope, all furnishings (bed, dresser, dinning table w/2 chairs, lab desk with chair and all accessories, library, working acorn porch light, lots of fairy potions, and crystals). In particular, we requested that the furnishings not be glued down as they normally would be, so that they could be gently re-arranged on occasion. We were especially inspired by two of her recent creations, the House of Fairy Knowledge:

and The Great Fairy House:

Today I received an e-mail letting me know that our fairy house was finished and would be shipping out tomorrow - wow! She worked extra hard to get it done close to Maddie's birthday, which was totally above and beyond what we'd expected!

Here are a few "sneak peak" pictures she sent us:

This bridge is on the second level and leads to a roof-top garden:

The roof-top garden (the little dragon statue is adorable!):

Needless to say, we're beyond excited to see the house in person -- it is 22" tall, 27" wide and 14" deep and all of the furnishings have been packaged separately, so are not shown above. Though it was a bit extravagant, we can't wait to see it and know that it will be dearly treasured!


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