Catching Up

I decided that I'd better do a quick post so that I'm not completely overwhelmed by Friday. I know that I've been whining the past few weeks, and I'm so sorry, but this week really takes the cake. My headaches have returned full-force and my new medication for them makes me so tired and nauseous, it takes tremendous willpower to get out of bed - and stay out of bed - each day. I have been exceptionally unproductive, which is completely distressing (especially so since I'd made some ambitious plans for our school week before I knew this was coming!).

The good news? I've read some anecdotal evidence that PTC does affect memory and the ability to concentrate. My husband always teases me for being so "scatterbrained" (and yes I have been lately, badly so) but at least now I have a logical explanation, LOL. Anyway, the way it's been going can't work long-term, so I desperately need to find a "Plan B" or we'll never get any schooling - or work - done!

Anyway, without further ado, here's a small part of our week thus far...mostly just some fun stuff. Over the weekend (before "The Headache"), we baked 3 types of bread. Here's Maddie kneading her dough:

She also (finally!) spent days playing with the Quadrilla sets she received for Christmas and became quite proficient at building all of the various configurations:

Elon spent the night at his friend's house again and found a new creek to explore, bringing home more treasures:

Also, the new fairy house arrived! Here is Maddie, carefully cutting away the bubble wrap:

Even the giant box it arrived in proved loads of fun...all of the kids took turns taking "bubble baths" in the packing peanuts:

Finally, the new house. A few pieces broke off (including a piece of the stained glass in front, but we couldn't find it), but for the most part it was intact, so we were happy.

It's a bit smaller than our custom house had been, thus a little crowded, but Maddie feels that the fairies are quite pleased with it (and happy to have a new home!).

Lastly, our wheat grass has been growing like crazy! Even though I started it very late, we had a full basket by Easter Sunday. I'm not as certain about the other seeds I planted, I think the wheat may be choking them out, though you can see below that one has started growing:

The boys were totally impressed by the roots...this is from the seed I started in a terra cotta saucer:

Here's Elon trimming the grass (a job he loves!):

Rest assured we have had actual school every day this week, but I'll have more on that tomorrow.


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