Benchmark: The student writes narrative text using the writing process.
  1. The student understands and develops a focused written piece that includes plot elements (e.g. initiating event, rising and falling action, climax, conflict, setting, character development resolution).
  2. Uses (1) personal experience (2) observations (3) prior knowledge in written text.
  3. Clarifies the main ideas by selecting relevant details that enrich the central theme or storyline.
  4. Analyzes and understands implications of plagiarism (e.g. ethical, legal).
  5. Understands and independently uses appropriate strategies to generate narrative text (e.g. brainstorming, listing, webbing, identifying information from print sources).
  6. Writes a piece with an inviting introduction, appropriate body, and satisfying conclusion that leaves the reader with a sense of resolution.
  7. Selects transitions to connect ideas within and between paragraphs in the writing piece.
  8. Selects original and compelling vocabulary and/or figurative language appropriate for the purpose and audience.
  9. Selects words that are suitable and precise, which create appropriate imagery (e.g. explicit nouns, vivid verbs, natural modifiers).
  10. Includes vocabulary particular to the topic and provides ease of understanding.
  11. Varies sentence structures and lengths (e.g. simple, compound, complex).
  12. Develops a variety of sentence beginnings that build upon previous sentence to guide the reader from one sentence to another.
  13. Identifies and avoids writing sentence fragments.
  14. Writes using effective dialogue that sounds conversational and natural.
  15. Demonstrates correct use of mechanics and punctuation (e.g. semi-colons, colons, underlining, italics, and centered titles).
  16. Uses correct grammar and usage for clarity.
  17. Spells familiar and most unfamiliar words correctly and uses available resources (e.g. dictionary, spell check).
  18. Uses correct paragraph divisions to reinforce the organizational structure of the text.
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