Very shortly, we'll be starting on a new year of science with CPO Life Science. The company publishes two life science textbooks, Life Science (ISBN: 1588924874) and Focus on Life Science (ISBN: 1588922537), the California standards-based edition. For whatever reason, it is much easier to obtain student copies of the California books (in fact, the entire CPO Focus on Life Science student textbook can be found online here as a .PDF), and teacher's editions of Life Science. At least, that's the case at the moment, as well as the most cost-effective solution.

There is also a wealth of free material available at CPO's website, but all of it is aligned to Life Science. To simplify things, I decided to match the two books up so that I could make better use of what we've got and what's available online. Fortunately, they match up fairly well. The chapters listed below are from Focus on Life Science and the corresponding student supplements are from Life Science. My list is still quite rough, but I will be improving upon it as I get further into my planning. A supply list for the entire course can be found here.

UPDATE: I've uploaded a copy of our CPO Life Science schedule for the first quarter to give a better idea of how I scheduled it, using the list below. The schedule can be found here.

Unit 1: Living Systems

Chapter 1: Studying Life
Chapter 2: Cell Biology
    Chapter 3: Interactions of Living Things
    Unit 2: Living Systems

    Chapter 4: Chemistry and Physics Connections
    Chapter 5: Cell Structure and Function
    Chapter 6: Cell Processes
    Chapter 7: The Microscopic World

    Unit 3: Genetics

    Chapter 8: Reproduction
    Chapter 9: Heredity
    Chapter 10: The Code of Life
    General Resources


    1. Halcyon said...
      This is so helpful. We will be using CPO Life Sciences next year and this really will be useful. Can you tell me how you scheduled it? How often you did it? thanks!
      Kristine said...
      I'd be happy to share my schedule if you're interested (it's an Excel file). I just commented over on your blog w/my e-mail address...shoot me an e-mail & I can send it to you. Thanks!
      Mirissa said...
      I'd love to know too! Next year will be my first year homeschooling and I want to follow the CA standards (since we live in CA and are planning on having our daughter return to public school) and have been looking at this book. But this list is huge! So, I'd love to know how it plays out IRL. Thank you! my address is mirissa at pacbell dot net.
      Robyn said...
      Hi! I found my way here from an old WTM thread. We just started our first year of HSing...7th grade. Ack! CPO really appealed to us to teach, buy I'm finding myself very overwhelmed with scheduling. Would you mind sharing your schedule with me too? I'm RobynV at WTM. My email is robynv (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

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