Though the weeding is killing me, our garden is starting to look a bit more cheerful, which makes it so worthwhile. Here's what is currently in bloom:

'Mutabilis' China Rose

'Evelyn' David Austin Rose

'Hot Cocoa' Floribunda Rose



Mexican Hat Flower

Chocolate Cherry Sunflower

'The Dark Lady' David Austin Rose

'Europeana' Floribunda Rose




Snapdragons & Violas




More David Austin Roses

In the Medieval Garden:


Calendula / Pot Marigolds



  1. Faith said...
    Weeding is what children are for!

    I love the floribund roses. They make me swoon! And the medieval garden too. I love that idea.

    You have such a lovely blog! It is so nice to visit from a metropolitan area suburb. A glimpse into another lifestyle. Thank you.
    G said...
    Such pretty flowers! I love the snapdragons and violas together. We've been slowly turning our front yard into a flower garden at my daughter's request, and the blossoms always make me cheerful! I've got some double-ruffled apricot nasturtiums just started - can't wait to see them in bloom!
    G said...
    I keep meaning to ask how you're enjoying The Child's Fairy Geography. I am very curious about it!
    Kristine said...
    Faith ~ I *wish* my children would help weed! Quite frankly, I'm in over my head this year. Probably 1/2 of our little acre is gardens this year & it's seriously a full-time job to keep up with the weeding!

    Also, our medieval garden has largely been a disappointment. Starting everything from seed was not the best idea as many of the herbs are *VERY* slow-growing or difficult to germinate, and many newly transplanted seedlings got choked out by weeds because I simply couldn't manage it all. We won't be able to do all I'd hooped with the garden, but I'll keep trying!

    G ~ The nasturtiums sound so pretty, best of luck with your flower garden!

    We're enjoying The Child's Fairy Geography very much (well, *I'm* enjoying it - the kids find it a little boring at times, but then everything bores them!) I have so many ideas on how to use the book, I'll be very excited to explore them more once we resume school (we're on a break for another week or so).

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