This past week I've been on a journey to discover notable new-to-me children's books that have been released in the past few years. It seems I'm always buying books for one purpose or another (on a given topic), but seldom do I buy any just for fun now that we're homeschooling. I'm not sure why that is, especially when you consider that I've been passionate about children's books and illustration for most of my life. These days my book budget has been rather staggering, so why on earth shouldn't it include a few titles simply because they're lovely to behold?

I set to work browsing children's literature and illustration blogs, on a quest to discover some new gems...The results were quite worthwhile, I must say. I'm thrilled with my discoveries and can't wait for our new books to arrive!

The Girl In the Castle Inside the Museum
by Kate Bernheimer, Nicoletta Ceccoli

Mr. Gauguin's Heart
by Marie-Danielle Croteau, Isabelle Arsenault

The Princesses' Blankets
by Carol Ann Duffy, Catherine Hyde
(Available 11/10/2009)

Wabi Sabi
by Mark Reibstein, Ed Young

The Flower
by John Light, Lisa Evans

Kaito's Cloth
by Glenda Millard, Gaye Chapman

Hansel and Gretel
by Cynthia Rylant, Jen Corace

Lastly, there's out-of-print, but new-to-me title that looks wonderful:

The Collector of Moments
by Quint Buchholz, Peter Neumeyer


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